Potential Profiles Culture and Tourism Banten

Geographical Condition

Banten Province as a province in the Republic of Indonesia established under Law No. 23 year 2000. By Geographic region bordering Banten Province:

The north bordering the Java Sea

West bordering the Sunda Strait

The east by the Province of DKI Jakarta and West Java

The south by the Indian Ocean

Vision and Mission of the Office of Culture and Tourism of Banten Province


  • Brought Culture and Tourism Bantam Competitive and Sustainable


  1. Preserving the value of, Cultural diversity and richness
  2. Developing a competitive tourism destination
  3. Improve human resources and institutional culture and tourism professionals
  4. Develop culture and tourism marketing
  5. Enhance institutional capacity culture and tourism department

Regional Tourism Potential

The total area of ??Banten 9.662,92 km2 with the population reaching 11.005.518 soul by Bantam in Figures years 2012. The majority Muslim population dominated by farmers from the agricultural sector, trade, Industry dan jasa. Units of government are divided into 4 district and 4 cat : Serang, Pandeglang, Lebak, Tangerang Regency, Tangerang City, Cilegon, Serang and Tangerang City South. Each region has the characteristics of cultural tourism resources, alam, artificial and traditional society (living culture) developed as tourist destinations such as national and even international scale Enchantment Anyer Beach, Carita & Cape Lesung, Umang Island marine tourism, Ujung Kulon National Park, Religion tours Banten Lama and the uniqueness of Traditional Bedouin Community.

Program Development

Banten Tourism Development identified above 204 Object Travel Attractions (ODTW) by RIPPDA Tourism years 2006 scattered throughout the area of ??Banten Province. Consisting of 84 Nature Tourism, 34 History and Culture Tourism, 24 Artificial Tourism, 9 Tourism Object Living Culture then 48 Tourism Attractions Arts. As much as 71 ODTW (34,8%) is a tourist area that has grown both nationally and internationally. Meanwhile around 100 ODTW (49,0%) Tourism is the poODTWial to be developed. The pattern of tourism development include Banten Province 18 area, including the West Coast, South Coast Area Tourism, North Coast Area Tourism, Pilgrimage Tourism Regions, Tourism Regions Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK) and the island of Anak Krakatau volcano and, Dan Law, Law.

In development, Object number Travel Attractions (ODTW) Banten based on data in 2012 has been recorded 526 objects are divided into several categories. Namely: wisata marine, historical tours, preserve, and other attractions.